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About Us 

Utilizing progressive administration and management skill, Oakhurst Development, is geared to offer diverse concepts from programming to managing a combined architectural and development program to include expansive responsibilities concerning contractual requirements, real estate law issues and financing of development programs.

Oakhurst Development through Robinson and Associates provides General Architectural Services and specializes in real estate development programming. Robinson & Associates is responsible for an aggregate of $125million in design and project services, with Stanley A. Robinson, AIA beginning architect for $650 million in design and projects for companies as an employee. Robinson & Associates provide architectural services for commercial, institutional, residential and industrial programs.

Robinson & Associates (a Sole Proprietorship) was established in 1984 to provide selected architectural, planning, interior design and real estate development programs. Robinson & Associates has provided architectural services to Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills CA., Rancho De Atalla, Duarte CA. Glendora Partners, Glendora, CA., Los Angeles Fine Art and Wine Company and many executive custom homes through out California. Robinson & Associates created a real estate development program through Oakhurst Development, Inc. (C1404888), established in 1988 to Dec. 1991.

Design Philosophy:

Designing for Excellence is the ability to encompass thoughts and senses with complete comprehension of the client's objectives. Interpreting and integrating the objectives with comprehension are the basis for a concise, pure, creative and original design for man's visual, physical interacting experience and appreciation. The architect achieves Design for Excellence through training and personal exposure within the design's environment, understanding of the arts and science, research for historical architectural and art correctness. This affords the design composition the opportunity of refinement for fluidity, infrastructure and functional compatibility. There is no limitation except time. The architect must master his senses, thoughts and passion, knowing that Designing for Excellence is the breath and life in a design, and the completion of a vision.

"It is the architect must nurture the design for acceptance and seeks the client, the community and public appreciation in Designing for Excellence."